Thursday, January 27, 2011


A story of a sailor, his love, and the Battle of River Plate

Jasmine stands watching from a high craggy perch
and waits for my ship on the bay;
'Twas nine months ago that we set out in search
of the mighty ship, Admiral Graf Spee.

HMS Exeter rode high on the waves,
our captain, Joe Beckett, in charge;
South to the merchant ships we were to save,
from the battleship Spee, still at large.

Six hundred thirty - I, Captain and crew -
met up with Achilles and Ajax;
Determined we were, off the coast of Peru,
to silence the Admiral's attacks.

O Jasmine, sweet Jasmine,
my heart sails to you,
though Exeter takes me away;
I long to be resting
near the warmth of the hearth,
yet now must I hunt the Graf Spee.

Langsdorff engaged as we reached Uruguay,
To River Plate, we three made way;
Ajax and Achilles, north-east by and by,
left Exeter facing Graf Spee
The Admiral fired salvos that struck amidships,
and blasted off Exeter's bridge;
'twas there I had stood with her name on my lips,
as she waits for me 'pon that ridge.

A locket she gave me clutched firm in my hand,
I call out her name o'er the waves;
that carry me west toward the Argentine sands,
to Davy Jones' locker, my grave.

O Jasmine, sweet Jasmine,
my heart sails to you
though Exeter's cast me away;
I now shall be resting
in the warmth of your heart
'neath the wake of the Admiral Graf Spee.

©2010 R.J. Gardner - All Rights Reserved

Artwork by Shooric


Aardaerimus said...

That was an impressive work! Good rhyme and rhythm, and a story that kept even my short attention span hooked to the bittersweet end. Very nice. :-)

sherrie hurd said...

It grieves my heart that you do not share your passions here anymore. You are that lasting reason why the voices are not silent.