Friday, January 28, 2011

Rapture's Eve

Written for a writing challenge: to use the words artist and blushing bride in a composition.

The love they shared was paradise,
his hand in hers divine;
but the blushing bride would pay a price:
temptation on the vine.

Eve of Destruction, Mourning is come;
the fruit of your passion has died.
For this seduction to which you've succumbed,
The Artist must banish his Bride.

She wandered 'cross the River Styx,
their garden left behind;
The Bride whose Artist's brush depicts
encompassed all Mankind.

Six days creating without cease,
The Artist painted Man;
He called this work his Masterpiece,
and thus devised a plan.

He'd gain their love he cherished so,
not at their Master's voice;
Instead he chose, more apropos,
to give to them a choice.

Eve of Destruction, Morning is near,
His passion cannot be denied;
When clouds brushed in colors of mercy appear,
The Artist returns for His Bride.

©2010 R.J. Gardner - All Rights Reserved

 Painting by Susanna Katherine

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