Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What's the Word?

A whimsical ode to homonyms.

A knotted ribbon forms a thing
to give a gift some flair;
An archer pulls upon its string,
sends arrows through the air.

When pulled across a violin,
the strings begin to sing;
the oxen dance in unison
with rope tied to its ring.

Titanic had one for a nose,
to Rose and Jack's delight.
The players take one for a pose
before the crowd each night.

When in Japan, respect it shows;
a means to be polite.
But when a team of oarsmen rows,
he tastes the salty bite.

The word, by now, I'm sure you know
means different things somehow;
In certain cases, it's a bow,
In others, it's a ... bow!

©2010 R.J. Gardner - All Rights Reserved

©2010 R.J. Gardner

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