Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wings of Evil

Deftly and nimbly
he soars through the sky;
hungrily, skillfully
sucking them dry.

Eagerly, stealthily,
by cover of night;
he chooses his victims
and then comes to light.

Flailing and wailing
away at their foe;
his prey find no quarter,
no rest from their woe.

The blood flows so freely
as he pierces with skill;
engorged with their juices,
he soon has his fill.

Tingling, quivering,
pulsating meat;
the bloodletting's aftermath
hastens retreat.

Happily fat is he,
sated once more;
this vilest of vampires
makes for the door.

Into the night air,
and off with a grin;
this blood-sucking demon
will soon be done in.

For circling above him's,
a hungry brown bat;
who swoops down with malice
to eat the damned gnat.

©2010 R.J. Gardner - All Rights Reserved

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