Tuesday, February 1, 2011


An ode to the Muse of epic poetry.

Follow me down a road
paved with perceptions
untraveled in clear light of day;
Let not your steps be slowed
by misconceptions,
conspiring to lead you astray.

Sail with me to a shore,
bathed in communion
of conscience and intimacy;
With all you're longing for,
make your reunion;
and cast your doubts into the sea.

Capture lost innocence -
locked in a prison -
abandoned and so far from home;
Songstress of Eloquence,
I bring a vision:
The key lies within the next poem.

Open your book to me,
writ with derision,
of grandeur and fantasies dreamed;
Wake now and look to see
conscious revisions:
a portrait of life as it seemed.

All of your life, you see,
has been delusion;
The words are all fit for the rhyme.
Heed now Calliope:
Lay down allusions,
and lift me with verse more sublime.

Take then your pen for me,
share new perceptions
unraveled in clear light of day;
Let not your memory
harbor deceptions
then choose you the right words to say.

©2011 R.J. Gardner - All Rights Reserved


Shelly Barclay said...

One of these days you will write a poem that I do not like. Today is not that day.

R.J. Gardner said...

HA! Thanks, Shell. Try me again in a day or two. You never know. ;^D

Shelly Barclay said...

Yeah, I tried. It didn't work. :)

aauhein said...

How did I miss this one,what a gem. Some people are gifted with word well spoke;you're one of them.