Thursday, February 3, 2011


And the two shall become one ...

Verse must suffice to bring beauty to light,
as she lies before me and I struggle for words.
With paper and pen, I feel helpless this night;
to set lyrics to music, she's a song I've just heard.

Lilacs have vied with the scent of my bride,
and find themselves lacking, so then fade away.
Her form reaches out to me, lays down beside
me, I grasp for the phrasing of the things I must say.

Closing my eyes , darkly I re-a-lize
that she stands before me and beckons to me.
Now capture I must, this immaculate prize;
the truth of her essence, my words fail to be.

Tracing her goose-bumps like braille on a page,
The light casts its shadows o'er valleys of flesh.
I write of an angel, she of tender young age;
'midst the throes of prose passionate, she and I mesh.

©2011 R.J. Gardner - All Rights Reserved

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