Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Write Here, Right Now

Wand'ring words that never cease
their search for home, to give me peace;
I leave a key at my heart's door,
a pen and page inside a drawer
of my roll-top restless mind.

Coursing through my fitful dreams,
meandering through verbal streams;
I face the taunting empty page
that calls to me for verses sage,
from a place as yet confined.

And when the words knock at my door,
I sometimes find that they implore:
"Please take us places we've not been,
from chastened heart to Cheshire grin;
and let us reward in kind."

"Weave a new and wondrous tale
of sailing ships and love's travail;
arrange us now to turn a phrase,
and lift yourself from this malaise;
with words and thoughts refined."

Opening my eyes, I see
the blank page that stared back at me;
a silent testament of guilt
transforms into a patchwork quilt
of verses intertwined.

Reprieved am I yet one more day,
for having found something to say;
but quickly comes a knock again,
and toils renew 'twixt heart and pen;
 for stories still to find.

©2011 R.J. Gardner - All Rights Reserved

1 comment:

Jesse Knopp said...

Your work is spectacular, I have to say. I've just recently dived into the world of poetry from a writing hobby filled only with stories. I'm glad I stumbled upon your profile page on Triond and obtained the link to this page. Excellent writing, thanks for the opportunity to lose myself in it.