Thursday, March 3, 2011

One More Day

Though His life spans all eternity,
in just one week all things He made;
after six days His Divinity
took the Sabbath off and said,
"I shall not work for one more day."

Underneath a constellation
that has shone five billion years,
a hungry child, God's grand creation,
hopes her prayer will reach His ears:
"Lord, let me live just one more day."

Across the plains of Serengeti,
through a haven of reserves;
a million wildebeest move steady,
As her mission's shepherd serves
his starving flock for one more day.

With a book of gilded pages
clutched reverently to his breast,
he shares the Wisdom of the Ages:
"God hath put thee to a test,
child, hold thy faith for one more day."

As the earth beneath her shatters
from the parching summer drought,
the pastor tells her that what matters
most is to remain devout,
"Drink living water one more day."

With the universe expanding
as the wildebeest move on;
and the angel softly landing
on the plain, the child is gone;
Her prayer withheld for one more day.

For a fraction of forever,
in the twinkling of an eye,
a human life is come, then severed
before an angel learns to fly.
O, to have lived just one more day!

 In all the cosmos He created,
above all beasts in His domain;
this child who bore His image, fated
to walk but moments upon the plain.

And comes the sunrise....

One more day.

©2011 R.J. Gardner

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